Live Fantasy Terms & Conditions

With MyTeam11, you have the flexibility to build your fantasy cricket teams even after the match has started. Introducing the exceptional LIVE FANTASY feature, My Team 11 ensures that if you missed creating your team before the match kicked off or if you prefer to stay engaged throughout the game, your needs are met. LIVE Fantasy offers you another opportunity to increase your earnings while you assess the match in real-time.

What Is Live Fantasy?

LIVE Fantasy is a feature within the MyTeam11 app that enables users to form their fantasy teams while the match is ongoing. This innovative feature allows users to analyze player performances in real-time and adjust their teams accordingly. It provides the flexibility to not only engage more deeply with the match as it unfolds but also to increase the chances of winning by making strategic decisions based on the game’s progress. Additionally, LIVE Fantasy lets users select specific overs or slots that suit their strategy, and even allows the creation of separate teams for the second innings after the first innings has ended. This dynamic approach to fantasy sports means you can play more and win more, all while enjoying the live action of the match.

LIVE Fantasy Terms & Conditions

In MyTeam11’s LIVE Fantasy and 2nd Innings feature, users can select up to 7 players, with a maximum of 6 from a single team, using a total of 65 credit points to create their team. Unlike standard fantasy settings, LIVE Fantasy does not require choosing a captain or vice-captain but instead allows users to select four players who will score at multipliers of 4x, 3x, 2x, and 1.5x, while the remaining three players will earn at a 1x rate.

Users need to create separate teams for each LIVE fantasy slot and the 2nd Innings. Player statistics such as runs, wickets, and strike rates are only counted for the duration they are selected to play within a specific slot. For example, if you choose to play from over 5.1 to 9.6, only the stats accumulated during these overs are considered.

The completion of a match or a slot in LIVE Fantasy is determined under two conditions: if 40% of the balls in the selected slot are bowled or if the match is officially completed beforehand. MyTeam11 may adjust the start time of a slot by up to 6 balls before the match starts.

Scores and rankings for LIVE Fantasy can be checked under the respective category tabs, and points are offered only for the performance in the specific innings chosen. Each category’s stats, leagues, and contests remain distinct and are not combined. Entry fees and the size of leagues in LIVE Fantasy will vary, and MyTeam11 is not liable for any score fluctuations once a slot is completed.