Fantasy Points System Cricket

The MyTeam11 fantasy cricket platform employs a comprehensive scoring system that reflects the intricacies of real-life cricket, rewarding users based on the performance of players in their virtual teams during actual matches. Here’s an in-depth look at how points are distributed.

MyTeam11 Fantasy Points System Cricket

Batting Points

Basic Points:

  • Run Scored: Each run scored by a batsman earns +1 point.

Bonus Points:

  • Boundary Bonus: An additional +1 point for each boundary hit.
  • Six Bonus: An additional +2 points for each six hit.
  • Half-Century Bonus: If a player scores 50 runs, they receive an extra +8 points.
  • Century Bonus: Scoring 100 runs in a match adds +16 points.
  • Duck Penalty: A batsman out for zero (duck) loses 2 points, but this does not apply to bowlers.

Bowling Points

Basic Points:

  • Wicket: Each wicket taken (excluding run-outs) is worth +25 points.

Bonus Points:

  • Maiden Over: Bowling a maiden over earns an additional +8 points.
  • 4-Wicket Haul: Taking 4 wickets in a single match adds +8 points.
  • 5-Wicket Haul: Taking 5 wickets in a single match adds +16 points.

Fielding Points

  • Catch: Each catch taken by a fielder earns +8 points.
  • Stumping/Run Out (Direct): Each stumping or direct run out earns +12 points.
  • Run Out (Assist): Assisting in a run out earns +6 points.

Captain and Vice-Captain Points

  • Captain: The captain’s points are doubled.
  • Vice-Captain: The vice-captain’s points are multiplied by 1.5.

Additional Points for Bowlers

Economy Rate Bonuses and Penalties:

  • Below 5 runs per over: +6 points.
  • 5-6 runs per over: +4 points.
  • 6-7 runs per over: +2 points.
  • 9-10 runs per over: -2 points.
  • Above 10 runs per over: -4 points.
  • Above 11 runs per over: -6 points.

These bonuses and penalties are only applicable for bowlers who bowl at least 2 overs.

Additional Points for Batsmen

Strike Rate Bonuses and Penalties:

  • Above 170 runs per 100 balls: +6 points.
  • 150-170 runs per 100 balls: +4 points.
  • 130-150 runs per 100 balls: +2 points.
  • 70-80 runs per 100 balls: -2 points.
  • Below 70 runs per 100 balls: -4 points.

This strike rate bonus or penalty applies only to batsmen who have played at least 10 balls.

The scoring system on MyTeam11 is designed to reward both consistency and game-changing performances, making every match an exciting and strategic experience for fantasy cricket enthusiasts.